Peaches for sale!
One Layer Tray ( approx. 12.5 pounds )  $30.00
Full Box Full ( approx. 25 pounds )  $45.00
Last Day to Order Peaches is June 20th.
Pick-Up available June 29 & 30th 9:00am-2:00pm.
For interest call Newpoint Fire Department at 812- 222-2988

New Point has several local and area businesses: The Midtown Diner, The Style Station, New Point Food Mart, New Point Products, Inc., Rocco’s Beverage Junction, LLC, Petro Travel Center, Billman Trucking, Inc., Tommy’s Diesel Shop, Inc., TDS Heavy Towing and Recovery, Inc., Transmark Logistics, LLC, Superior Tank, Inc., Shepherd Boy Farms, Irving Materials, Inc. (IMI), New Point Stone Company, Inc., North Branch Golf Course and Snyder’s Concrete Statues.”

New Point is surrounded by family-owned and operated farms and agricultural enterprises. A local golf course (North Branch) and a productive stone quarry (New Point Stone, Co) lie approximately 1–2 miles north/northwest of the town.

There are two churches: The New Point Christian Church and The New Point Baptist Church.

The town is governed by a board of elected officials.