New Point Community Building


8041 East County Road 195 South PO Box 147 New Point, IN 47263


POLICY: The facility is expected to be returned to equal or better condition than it was found.

*NOTE – The Town will hold all security deposits for up to seven days after the rental date.

Any use of the facility is subject to approval by the Town Council. The Council reserves the right to refuse anyone the use of the facility.

Contacting the Town Office (812-663-7905) at least six weeks in advance of the event may reserve the facilities (subject to availability). A Calendar will be maintained in the Town Office for scheduling – see “Rental Payment”.

The owner (Town of New Point) of the facility and affiliated organizations will NOT be responsible for any damages, accidents, or loss of items to the renter’s, their guests, or any uninvited guests.

The facility is drug free/tobacco free. NO smoking is permitted inside the building.

The serving of alcohol is discouraged. The serving of any alcoholic beverage is the Renter’s responsibility and must comply with ALL State and Local laws, including, but not limited to, those regarding PERMITS and LICENSES. This includes all parties.

All parties must have adult supervision.

Security of the facility is the renter’s responsibility to make sure all doors are locked before leaving the building. Return key as directed.

The renter is responsible for cleaning up – inside and outside of the building. Check lists will be provided.


Rentals are on a first call/come basis. Confirmation of a date requires – paying a deposit. Rent must be paid prior to the rent date. Changes made by the renter must be done withing 15 days. Renter must have a valid reason to unschedule, for a deposit to be refundable.

The deposit ( Damage and Security) fee will be held until after the event and returned if the facility is found clean and nothing is broken or damaged – the check sheets will be strictly followed after each rental. No partial deposits will be returned. The entire deposit will be kept to cover cleaning and repair if necessary. IF the repair or cleaning exceeds the deposit, the renter is required to meet those costs.


Entire Building ** $500 plus $250 deposit (maximum seating 220 people).
Main Hall* $250 plus a $100 deposit (maximum seating 172 people).
Meeting Room* $75 plus $50 deposit (maximum seating 48 people).

*includes use of kitchen.

**Entire building rental is for large parties – receptions – it includes more than a one-day usage, it includes all rooms, as well as, all tables and chairs.

(Rooms 103 and 105 are not part of any rental)